Electronics viva questions

Resistor –Multiple choice questions
1. Resistivity of a wire depends on
A. length
B. material
C. cross section area
D. none of the above.
2. Active component is
A. resistor
B. inductor
C. capacitor
D. diode
3. The property of the resistor is
A. resistance
B. capacitance
C. inductance
D. none of the above
4. The unit of resistance is
A. henry
B. farad
C. coulomb
D. ohm
5. The tolerance of carbon resistor is
A. 10%
B. 20%
C. 30%
D. 40%
6. The value of carbon resistor is
A. 1 to 22Ω
B. 1 to 22 KΩ
C. 1 to 22 MΩ
D. 1 to 22 µΩ
7. How do fixed resistors usually fail?
A. A.slowly over time
B. B.by increasing their value
C. C.by becoming an open circuit
D.by increasing their value and becoming an open circuit
8. The best place to use a wire wound resistor is:
A.in a radio-frequency amplifier.
B. when the resistor doesn’t dissipate much power.
C. in a high-power, radio-frequency circuit.
D.in a high-power, direct-current circuit.
9. Carbon-composition resistors:
A. can handle lots of power.
B. have capacitance or inductance along with resistance.
C .are comparatively nonreactive.
E. better for ac than for dc

10. The cerment resistor is made of
A. chemical alloy
B. liquid alloy
C. metal alloy
d. all the above
11. If the resistance of a material falls with increasing temperature it is said to have:
A. negative temperature coefficient
B. positive temperature coefficient
C. zero temperature coefficient
D. none of the above,
12. The circuit symbol shown is a:
A. fixed resistor
B. preset resistor
C. variable resistor
D. none of the above
13. The resistance of the five mere copper is tenΩ.
If the length of the wire is doubled, the resistance is

14. The adjustable wire wound resistor normally is used in
A. lab
B. electrical devices
C. electronics devices
D. mechanical devices.

15. How many connections does a potentiometer have?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
16.The six basic forms of energy are:
A.light, sun, magnetic, chemical, electrical, and mechanical
B.electrical, mechanical, light, heat, magnetic, and chemical
C.electrical, mechanical, sun, heat, chemical, and light
D.potential, sun, light, chemical, electrical, and mechanical
17, What is the most commonly used conductor in electronics?
A. aluminum
B. copper
C, gold
D. silver
18. In a carbon resistor in case fourth stripe is not 
present, it can be concluded that
A the resistor is highly accurate
B the resistor is defective
C the resistor does not contain carbon
D the tolerance limit is ± 20 %.
19. Resistors that have set resistance are known as
A. fixed resistors
B. variable resistors
C. thermistors
D. fixators
20. Volume control regulator in a cd receiver, radio and amplifier also uses
B. variable resistor
D.fixed resistor
21.If a variable resistor's resistance varies in a nonuniform manner as the shaft is moved, it is considered to be:
A. linear
B. defective
C. not wire wound

22. What resistor type is found in SIPs and DIPs?
A.metal film
B.wire wound
C.metal oxide
D.thick film

23. How many basic types of resistors exist?
24. Which is the most important step utilized when measuring resistors?
A.use the highest possible scale
B.keep test lead short
C.zero the meter before using
D.remove the power from the circuit

25.Components designed to oppose the flow of current are called:
D.heat exchanger
26.Resistors are identified as to wattage by:
B.color code
C.types of materials
D.internal construction

27.Resistance is:
A.the opposition to the current flow accompanied
by the dissipation of heat
B. symbolized by R, measure in ohm and directly
propositional to conductance
C.directly propositional to voltage and current
D.represented by the flow of fluid in the fluid
28.One advantage of a carbon film resistor over a carbon composition resistor is:
A.less circuit noise
B.smaller size
C.higher wattage
D.poor tolerance
29.Wirewound resistors are usually used in circuits that have:
A.high current
B.negative temperature coefficients
C.low power
D.high voltage
30. which of the following is used as a passive
Component in electronics circuit—
A. diode
B. fet
C. resistor
D. transistor

31.The resistivity of resistor is given by—
B.Ω -voltage
C.Ω -watt
32 .The carbon film resistor has--
A.good stability
B.low operating frequency
C.low power supply
D.low operating temperature
33 .The film resistor has
A.high inductance.
B.no inductance.
C.high capacitance.
D.no capacitance. 

34. The cermet resistor is available up to---
B. 50KΩ.

35. The wire of wire wound resister is made of---
36. The thermistor is sensed the---

37. The photo resistor is sensed the

38. The varistor is----
39 How is a 3.9 k resistor color-coded?
A.red, white, red, gold
B.red, green, orange, silver
C.orange, white, red, gold
D.orange, green, orange, silver

40. color code of orange, orange, orange is for what ohmic value?
A.22 kilohms
B.3300 ohms
C.44000 ohms
D.33 kilohms
1-B, 2-4, 3-A, 4-D, 5-A, 6-C, 7-C, 8-D, 9-D, 10C,
11-A, 12-C, 13-D, 14-A, 15-C, 17-B, 18-D, 19-A, 20-B,
21-D, 22-D, 23-B, 24-D, 25-C, 26-A, 27-A. 28-A, 29-A,
30-C, 31-A, 32-A, 33-B. 34-D, 35-C, 36-C, 37B, 38-C

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