English repeated questions

kerala psc english repeated questions

1. The word ‘valiant’ means:
(a) An insect (b) Fearless (c) Small (d) Silent
2. The opposite of ‘ingenious’ is:
(a) Promising (b) Unimaginative (c) Original (d) Glorious
3. The comparative of ‘young’ is:
(a) Youthful (b) Youngster (c) Younger (d) Youngest
4. What is the Elephas maximas?
(a) Elephantiasis (b) Elephant (c) A Roman ruler (d) A loose garment
5. The word ‘alacrity’ means:
(a) Eagerness (b) Loud (c) Critical (d) Pale
*Raju and Gopi passed the examination but the..... got the first class.

a) later     b) latest.    c ) latter.  d) last

 ans c

*What prevented you.... asking for help?

a) at  b) from c ) on d )to
Ans b from
*Everyone has to do.... own research

a ) his  b)  her  c) their d) theirs
Ans c their

*I brought along a sandwitch,... I get hungry.

a ) therefore b ) in case c)  in the event of  d ) only if

Ans b in case

*My mother told me... never cry.....spilt milk
a )of,on. b ) to,over. c)  that,at. d ) so,upon

 Ans b to,over

*The feminine form of 'master' is?

a) miss b ) mrs c ) mistress d )she-master
Ans c mistress

*can I have...... omelette and...apple with my tea?

a ) a,an. b ) a,a. c ) an,an. d)  an,a
Ans c an,an.

*The police.... questioning the suspects.
a is 
b are
c has
d have

Ans b are

'Have you heard the....news'?
A late
B later
C latest
D lated

And c latest

He is the....person I have ever met.
A smart
B smarter
C smartest
D nine

Ans c smartest

My sister is very good...cooking.
A in
B about
C at
D for

Ans c at

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